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Product Name: Oxygen Flowmeter SCOF01A/BS (BS5682)
Model: F906A/BSSCO

Oxygen Flowmeter Professional Manufacturer
Wall Type Oxygen Flowmeter SCOF01
A/BS  BS5682 (British standard)

? Integrated casting flowmeter, CNC precision processing.
? Matching with adapters with standards of Japan, America, France, Britain, etc.
? Stainless steel valve switch.
? Brass material. Plug life >10000.
? Flow tube and humidifier body are made of high-strength polycarbonate plastic.
? High temperature and pressure resistant sterilized humidifier body, to meet European standards for B-level disinfection. The maximum temperature reaches 121? and pressure 0.142MPa.
? High polymer and high density filter element, humidifying evenly.

Gas type: Medical oxygen 
Working pressure: 0.45Mpa 
Flow range: 1-10L/min 1-15L/min 
Inlet connection: BS5682 (British standard)
Outlet connection: M12*1mm  
Humidifier capacity:200ml
Package size: 49*37*27cm 
Packaging: 20pcs/ctn 
G.W.: 10.7kgs 
N.W.: 9.7kgs

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