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  361 medical stainless steel blades reusable video laryngoscope
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1, Easily Operational to find the glottis and finish intubation : 

can find the glottis and finish the ET tube inserting within one second.

 2M pixels high definition camera


 3.5inch display, 180 screen rotation (up/down/left/right)


2, Consistant with doctor's traditional intubation habits : 

 updated version based on the tradtional fireoptic laryngoscope  ,complying with doctor's operation habits,  provide more convenience for users .


3, Economic and durable :



3year lifetime PANASONIC lithium battery

 4 hours continuous working time




Reusable blade is made by 316 medical stainless steel,  can be sterilized and reused 1000 times, economically, and easy disinfection.


Disposable blade is made by high definition medical PC, use and throw , simple and safe,



 Blade Omniseal waterproofing design, pass IPX8 water proof test. ,  high power six LED light source, CMOS camera chip,

4,  Portable : 350G light-weighted for easy carrying


5, Easy photo and video Recording :  4G SD card, can connect computer and easily upload information .


Real time data transfer, camera  and video recording.

6.Unique anti-fog functions without preheating


7.  Reliability:Quality and production is strictly implemented under ISO13485 system, have all certificate:  ISO13485; USFDA; CE; FREE SALE; ECT...



7, Training :  Similar to ordinary laryngoscope in structural familiarize ordinary laryngoscope operations physicians can quickly master operation skills after training, short learning curve.


8. Sales Market: mainly in US , Germany , UK ; and  some middle east country , south east Asia ect. and the sales market is keep on growing rapidly.   I am sure you can find good business in your market .


9.Service:   We have OEM/ODM service. Any idea you have about our sample,packing, technique requirement, ect., we can make you come true immediately,  because we has a high-efficient, experienced team of medical equipment research and development  of which more than 80% have master degree, and professional completely system production line, customer service ect.

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